Don’t let one bad meal stop you from having better overall health! One bite of a not-so-good dish could shape your entire perception of everything else there is to come (that’s if it hasn’t already)! You’ll be missing out on a life-saving, no-medical bill-having, disease-reversing, always-happy lifestyle!

Every week I ask people if they’ve tried anything vegan or tried to make any vegan recipes. A lot of them make a face as if they were eating something nasty! Some of them that made the face have tried it and didn’t like it. The others that made the face haven’t even tried it at all! Think about their perception.. Why such a reaction to something they’ve never had? They act as if they’d been ask if they eat force-fed goose liver or the abortion of a chicken! Oh, wait…people actually DO….

If you’ve ever eaten a meat-based meal, anywhere, and you liked it, you might say they have good food. You might even go back. If you had a vegan meal at that same place and you didn’t like it, you’d probably say vegan food is not good! Why is that? Food is FOOD, so you can’t blame VEGAN! You have to blame the CHEF!!

Think about it. The parts of animals and their byproducts you consume really don’t taste good by themselves. That’s why you season it! You season everything! You season it with……..PLANTS! Well, you know, herbs…spices…things you have to grow (plant-based)! However, things straight off of the tree, or vine, or out of the garden tastes great by themselves right then and there (try that with an animal…or NOT)! That makes me wonder how one can put them together and they NOT taste good or even better….hhmmm….

Anyway, try your hand at these free vegan recipes. Feel free to adjust them to your liking. If you do try them, please let us know how they turned out in the comments or on Facebook! You should bookmark this page and check back often, too. There’s always more to come!


Mrs.Murry's Cauliflower Alfredo


There’s always another way!

Mrs.Murry's Onion Cheese Bread


All bread, no preserves!

Mrs.Murry's Sweet Ginger Dressing


Good food shouldn’t need condiments, but great condiments can go on good food!

Mrs.Murry's Crockpot Lasagna

 Fix & Forget 


Mrs.Murry's Veggie Fried Quinoa



Mrs.Murry's Vegan Mexican Pizza



Mrs.Murry's Easy Zucchini Pasta